Printing Service


You will recoqnise that Brochure Displays is offering DLL (210x99mm) size brochures in set quantities of

5000/10000/15000 e.g.

This allows us to offer you such a low price for high quality brochures


If you compare prices with other printers or graphic designers please ask these questions.

What is the paper quality in gram/square meter?

Is it full colour and gloss?

Single or both sides printed?



We offer you for a set of 5000 DLL size (210x99mm) brochures

200 g/sm paper

In full colour gloss

Double (front and rear) side printed


For only R 1999.00

We offer you additional to print folded brochures, which are usually very expensive to pring.

Single-Fold, Tri-Fold, Accordion or Z-Fold

E-Mail us for a quote. We are sure we will beat your printers price.